Styling outfits without any gender boundaries

Styling outfits without any gender boundaries

Because fashion doesn’t classify us into binary brackets

For years fashion has been an open platform for people to express themselves. This is one industry that doesn’t differentiate. Yes, there might be binary buckets of what’s made for who but we have witnessed an n-number of fashion shows, red carpets and even street fashion with much more inclusive displays of fashion & styling.

In 2022, more than ever the boundaries between the two genders have diminished. Even though the transiting in society has been slow but it’s evident. Being an industry ahead of its time, fashion is becoming much more sustainable, inclusive and cause-oriented. The items hence have lost the label ‘for men’ or ‘for women’. Clothing and accessories don’t prefer what body they should adorn. If a hat looks great on you, then wear it! It doesn't matter if it's thought to be more masculine or feminine. It goes without saying that fashion is fluid, and that sense of style isn't limited to one gender.

Let’s talk jewellery for instance? Be it a dainty choker necklace or a regal pearl chain – it looks as precious on a woman’s collarbones as on a man's. As a fashion brand, we’ve had clients from diverse backgrounds shopping for necklaces and gender has never become a fence to their fashion sense! For instance, our beautiful pearl necklace became a huge hit with men and honestly, it's going to be your favourite too! Nothing spells style and sophisticated like a regal shiny pearl necklace. Not to forget chunky golden chain, layered choker style necklaces or even tiny fun charm necklaces – these are all adorable, gender-neutral jewellery options that add bling to any outfit.

Got piercings? How about tiny minimalist studs in rose-gold or gold tone? Studs are somewhat meant for daily use hence, when opting for hypoallergenic material that’s nickel-free and tarnishes, water and sweatproof become very important. Our suggestion would be high-quality stainless steel with premium encrusts of zirconia crystal. The idea is to get jewellery with durable material which doesn’t cause any skin irritation and has trendy designs too.

Not to forget another trendy accessory which pairs well with outfits - Rings. Our latest collection of Y2K ring sets is great for street fashion fanatics! The sets feature five different styles of rings which makes it quite easy to layer. Apart from that, vintage rings are another eye candy which elevate your look of the evening. 

The latest addition to the world of fashion is  face masks. Masks became a huge rave after the pandemic and even though things are getting back to normal and the compulsory mask mandates are being lifted up, it’s a great fashion piece to elevate your outfit. Both men and women can benefit from them. Masks protect your face against pollution and germs in general. If paired correctly, they also create a flow to your outfit. And the most important part – masks can be paired with mask chains and that’s your ornamental fashion accessory right there! Isn’t it cool to have an element serve both fashion and utility?

There’s so much more of fashion and styling that knows no gender from belts to bags. A cute backpack serves both fashion and functionality. So does a high quality simple black belt. It’s just that you need to be open to experimenting.

The possibilities in styling are endless! The more we focus on building a healthier and more inclusive community the easier it is for future generations to have more openness of thoughts and expressions. And this is why fashion and styling is a great place, to begin with, it is personal and expressive on an individual level but creates a massive impact on the whole community.

Let your outfits do the talking! Flaunt yourself and what you believe in. Don’t be afraid of showing off your unique self!

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