Essentials for Summer Travel – Beach Edition

Essentials for Summer Travel – Beach Edition

It’s that time of the year when vacation plans are in full swing. And when we talk summer travel, beaches are a top-pick vacation destination for all your summer plans. Now be it a small drive to a nearby beach or a full-blown extravaganza at one of the beaches in Southern Italy, keeping your wardrobe in check is very important. Be it a slip dress, bikini or an easy-breezy kimono dress that you’re planning to pack for your beach outings, packing the right kind of fashion accessories to go with it must be taken care of. If your next trip is quite beach-y, here are a few recommendations of what might be the ideal fashion accessories to pack.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are the must-have fashion accessories for summers. They are lightweight, extremely comfortable and provide a good amount of shade from the sun. Wearing one makes you look like you've stepped out of a magazine or movie scene which makes it perfect for any beach outing! At mesmerize, we’ve introduced a collection of reversible bucket hats in suede and gingham material. The reversible colours and versatile nature of these hats make them easy to pair with a large variety of outfits. 

Scarfs and Stoles 

Scarfs or stoles are the perfect accessories for your summer wardrobe. They can be worn as a headscarf or around the shoulders or waist. The sun is stronger on the water and your skin will be exposed more than usual, so you want to protect yourself by covering your head and neck with a scarf or stole. Scarves come in various styles, from plain cotton to printed silk, and some even have designs of flowers and abstract shapes on them! At mesmerize, we have a large variety of scarfs to choose from. With different colours, patterns, materials and prints, these scarfs can be quite easily paired with your outfits while looking fancy too.

Dainty Jewellery summer accessories for women

Dainty jewellery is the perfect choice for summer as it’s appealing and can be worn with any outfit, from a formal event to the beach or even to work. It is versatile, adding sparkle to your look while avoiding being too flashy or heavy to carry. Our collection of trendy gold jewellery is ideal for pairing with the beachwear. The lightweight charm necklaces and bracelets add to the outfit without overbearing too much attention. These are also great for layering, hence, can be worn at once to make a statement!

Bags and mini bags

Probably the handiest accessory that you need is the right type of bag to carry to the beach. Starting from large size totes to tinier makeup or travel pouches, having them packed for your beach outing is quite essential. Depending on what you want to carry, decide between a tote or a picnic bag. If your plans involve a brunch with friends and family at the shore, a picnic basket is a better choice to carry all your food in one place without spilling. In such a situation, a tote bag can be used for carrying sheets, towels, paper napkins, cutlery, toiletries etc. 

Apart from a tote, you can always carry a travel pouch to put all your phones, sanitiser, and SPF in one place. A makeup pouch can also serve the same purpose for carrying your individual stuff.

Mesmerize’s collection of travel and makeup pouches features spacious, fashionable and easy-to-carry pouches to choose from. The travel pouches are spacious enough to carry all your essentials whereas the makeup pouches can be used to store smaller essentials in them. 

Some other useful accessories for a beach outing -

A beach towel, a hat and sunglasses, Sunblock (SPF), a pair of sandals and a swimsuit (if that's something you’re planning). These are just some fun accessories you can use to help complete your summer beach looks while staying protected against the harmful UV rays at the same time! 

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next beach outing with these amazing fashion accessories!

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