Rose Gold Heart Diamond Mangalsutra

Rose Gold Heart Diamond Mangalsutra

Sale price₹799.00
6 Months Warranty
Perfect for everyday wear
High Quality Plating
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Key Points: 

  • Incorporates a romantic heart-shaped pendant, symbolizing love and affection, adding a sentimental touch to the mangalsutra.
  • Features sparkling diamond accents, enhancing the elegance and luxury of the piece, making it a captivating and glamorous accessory.
  • Crafted in rose gold, a trendy and stylish choice, infusing the mangalsutra with modern sophistication while retaining its cultural significance.
  • Represents the sacred bond of marriage in Hindu tradition, combining traditional symbolism with contemporary design elements.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for everyday use
  • Come is a giftable kappa box
      Sale price₹799.00
      • 6 months warranty
      • Available on all Men’s SS products
      • Available on all Women’s personalised/ laser-etched SS products/ Mangalsutra and Selective Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and Earrings
      • Warranty will include Anti-fade, Anti-Rust, Closure mechanism
      • Warranty will not include scratches, or dents due to daily use
      • Customers will be responsible for shipping the product back to us or we can help them get it picked up at Rs.99.

      Stainless Steel


      Modern touch to traditional mangalsutra


      Suitable for daily wear, as well as special occasions like weddings and religious ceremonies


      Lightweight and durable

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