5 easy and quick women's hairstyle ideas for summers

5 easy and quick women's hairstyle ideas for summers

Summer is just around the corner and it is going to get hotter and hotter in a few days. Probably, this is the time you are looking for some hairstyles which can be not only easy but will help you stay cool. Not to forget all those beach visits and vacations require trendy and quick-to-pull looks that look stylish at the same time. Here we have curated a list of hairstyles that require minimal tools and accessories. You can always glam these up with hair accessories and cute dainty jewellery but they’re quite sustainable on their own.

Top Buns

Here is a style that's super easy and quick. All you need are some bobby pins, an elastic band and a brush. To make it even more elegant, use an oversized scrunchie to cover the elastic band and make the bun look neat.

To get this look, take all your hair up in a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Then divide your hair as evenly as possible into two halves, twist them around and wrapped them on top of your head around the ponytail base. Next, take some bobby pins and pin-up the ends to the sides of your ponytail so they're secure properly. Then pull slightly outwards gently until it looks balanced on both sides. Secure with another pin if needed.

Balloon puff ponytail 

Take your bangs and slightly backcomb them at the roots. Now twist your bangs, turn them backwards, gently push to create a puff and secure with a bobby pin/tic-tac clip. You can also use a puff maker if you want to but that’s completely optional. Now take the rest of the hair along with the ends of your bangs and secure them into a ponytail using an elastic band. You can use a skinny satin scrunchie to hide the pin and elastic. Make sure you don’t mess up the puff. Take a fine comb and comb through your hair to give it a sleek look. Do not comb your puff rather use your fingers to gently smoothen it out. This hairstyle is great for evening parties and night outings. 

Retro glam

If you have short curly hair, this one is perfect for you. Referring to the 50s, this look is ideal for night time especially if you’re out for a weekend party. You can use hair-rollers in various thicknesses to give more volume and definition to this look. 

Start off with six-eight sections of hair. Now wrap them nicely around the roller and leave it overnight or for the entire day. End result? Beautiful voluminous curls. 

This look can also be pulled off during the daytime if you add a cute printed knotted hairband for that cute and quirky vibe. 

Low tie ponytail

This look is perfect for summer because it keeps your hair off your face, and it's very comfortable to wear.

Tie your hair at the base of your neck with a thin hair tie so that you have some volume on top of your head. You can also use bobby pins to secure any flyaways. Knot an oversized scrunchie around the elastic to make it look even more elegant.

Cute messy top buns and a half n half

Now, this style is a little difficult to understand in the text but when you see what the final look is, you’re surely going to try it out for yourself. For this look, divide your hair into a front and a back section. Now take the front section and divide it into two halves. Make a messy top bun for each of these front halves, make sure you keep them fluffy. Smoothen out baby hair by gently combing through your hair. The end result is a cute messy bun look! 

To keep your hair looking its best, treat it right all summer long. A few daily habits will help you achieve that beautiful, healthy look you’re after:

  • Use a good shampoo and conditioner. Especially conditioners as they will protect your hair from heat damage and make it soft, smooth and shiny!

  • Use a good hair serum to protect from heat and dust particles in the air (from the sun). Your hair can become brittle if exposed for too long without protection. Serums also smell great as they contain essential oils so you can smell like rosemary or tea tree oil while you’ve been out all day!

  • Oil your scalp once a week with thick nourishing oils like coconut or castor oil to help with hair growth and thickening. Also, massage the scalp gently while oiling as it stimulates the growth of hair follicles. 

  • Use scrunchies in satin, silk or any other gentle material to prevent hair damage. Another great addition to your vanity could be a hair bonnet or satin/silk pillowcase. These are great for curly hair as they help in maintaining the volume and definition of curls while sleeping. 

You deserve to look and feel your best, so making the effort to pick a hairstyle that perfectly suits you is a great idea. And now we’ve given you five options, you can be sure that your next choice will be right for this season. Let us know how it goes!

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