A Guide To Buying The Perfect Secret Santa Gift For Christmas 2021

A Guide To Buying The Perfect Secret Santa Gift For Christmas 2021

It is that time of the year again— all about hot chocolate, oversized sweaters, Christmas jingles and of course, secret Santa gifts! The last one can get quite challenging when you are a part of 3 gifting groups. One you have for your colleagues, one for your besties, and also your family—the holiday gift-giving never stops! The worst part is when you get someone you scarcely know and have zero good gifting ideas. It can be quite exhausting! While going around and picking your brain for gifting ideas, we have already done the legwork for you. We have got you a fun collection of fashion accessories to definitely be the best secret Santa this Christmas. We also have an option of furoshiki wrapping through which you can create your own gift hamper with different products you want to add. This wrapping element  will make your gifting experience more aesthetic and memorable. 


Scrunchies for Secret Santa

We have a collection of different scrunchies- regular, zipper, skinny and oversized. These scrunchies are made of premium quality fabrics to provide a headache-free hold for a longer duration. Available in several colours and prints, they are sure to be loved by any woman. These cute scrunchies are available in fabrics like soft satin, crepe knit, checkered gingham, organza, and suede, each with its own charm and comfort. What tells the secret pocket scrunchies apart from others is the concealed zipper in them, ideal for your small essentials. We assure you that these scrunchies will not disappoint any lady you are gifting to! 

Classic Bags 

Handbags will make the best present for any female as they are a daily accessory. Whether it is a party, a dinner, or just a casual outing, bags are a must-have and are never enough in any lady’s wardrobe. Keeping this in mind, we have got you an impressive collection of trendy handbags for every event- ruched bags and cloud bags for party nights, baguette bags and moon bags for casual outings, backpacks for your travel days and, sling bags for day-to-day uses. We are sure that this collection of bags available in various styles and trendy colours will help you decide on your Christmas gifts for this season. 

Necklaces and Bracelets

Fashion jewellery is the loveliest thing you can give a woman because they have always enjoyed adorning themselves with it. It really should be a no-brainer that jewellery is one of the most successful gift ideas of all time. Select from an array of designs in statement chains - curb, linked glossy or chiselled, and dainty charm necklaces - butterfly, daisy, lock & key, rainbow, and many more. Adding a pair of bracelets with a necklace will complete your gift excellently. You can choose from a range of options like linked, glossy, curb, and mini-curb that are beautiful accessories for wrist layering! 


These accessories are ideal to gift, as they create a fashion statement and also they are a versatile wardrobe element that can readily modify any outfit. Scarves are adorned by every girl as they are multi-utility. There are three varieties of scarves available on our online store - square scarves, skinny scarves, and scrunchie scarves. One can style these scarves as a neck scarf, scarf top, bag accessories and more. This gift is definitely memorable.

Masks and Mask-Chains

Searching for the most relevant thing to give this Christmas season? Masks are the answer! But guess what makes it better? We have added a twist to this trend with a touch of fashion and fanciness. Opt for our stylish masks available in fun shapes with a snug fit for various occasions may it be formal, casual, or party wear. As we have masks for kids, teens and adults, this can be ideal for even your nephew and nieces. Worried that gifting a mask would be very boring? Don't worry! We have got you mask chains, the best thing to enhance these masks and are great fashionable mask holders. With funky colours in acrylics to gold and silver finishing in chains we have something for all. 

Unisex Eye-Masks

Our relaxing eye masks are perfect Christmas gifts for both guys and girls. These sleep masks are an ideal choice to cover your last-minute gifting ideas. Available in rangy prints like stone grey, marble print, tie & dye, and many more. All these digitally printed eye-masks are of premium quality satin fabric which provides a fancy look. Build with utmost care to provide a soft and comfortable feel while resting. These eye-masks make a perfect gift for power nappers and people who spend maximum time on digital screens. This silky eye mask will be the most unique Christmas gift to surprise your secret Santa.

Gift Hampers

Still confused about what to give from the above list? Do not worry, we have got gift hampers with a fun combination of products which makes the best gift for any occasion. These hampers are based on different themes like  heavenly blue, tropical forest, ‘it girl’, hawaiian and summer bliss. Individual prints, colour palettes, designs, and textiles distinguish each of these hampers. All the hampers are curated with a variety of well-designed fashion accessories that will make any lady slay. These hampers are ideal for last-minute holiday gifts. Because of its one-of-a-kindness, it also makes your gift-giving experience memorable. These hampers are available in a variety of aesthetic combinations.

In the spirit of Christmas, we have added below a coupon code that you can avail at check out. 10% off for the first 15 customers who shop want to shop their gifts from us! So what are you waiting for? Grab gifts from the above list and surprise your secret Santa!

We hope this article helped you find a perfect gift for this Christmas season. Whatever you acquire or give this Christmas, now is the time to have fun with everyone around you on December 25. Have a safe and happy Christmas, fun holidays, and a happy New Year from all of us at Mesmerize.


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