Secret Santa gifts under 500

Secret Santa gifts under 500

Secret Santa is one of the best parts of the Christmas holiday season. The thrill of picking chits, searching for the ideal gift for your friend/ co-worker, and eventually watching their faces light up when they open the beautifully wrapped gift is priceless. And now that offices have reopened, we can get back into the swing of things.

Secret Santa conveys simple pleasure, happiness, and optimism and is an excellent way to kick off the holiday season. But this game comes with one limitation that creates a big confusion for all of us. We often get confused about what to buy with a limited price. That gets even is what gets difficult if your chit consists of a girl. Keeping this in mind, we compiled a list of 10 fantastic gifting ideas for girls around INR 500. You can note down these fashion accessories and add them to your cart as soon as possible.

Scrunchies- BFF for Beds

They are perfect for girls who love to keep their hair tied to avoid messiness and bad hair days. This pack of scrunchies can be the solution to your gifting confusion this Christmas season. Available in various designs, colours, and styles, these cosy scrunchies make the best gift for this holiday season. Scrunchies add a vow to any look and are kind to the hair. They are the trendiest hair accessory of 2021, as most famous fashionistas like Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, and Jennifer Lopez are styling them!

Necklaces- The Neck’s Best Thing!

If you are wondering, what is the best thing to give a female necklace? Jewellery is never outdated and is the most decent thing you can give a girl to make your Secret Santa experience memorable. We offer an appreciative collection of necklaces of different styles like chain necklaces and charm pendants. These aesthetic necklaces can be an excellent choice for a special lady. Available in cute charms like butterflies, daisies, rainbows, hearts, and many more. They are sure to be loved by every woman as they are perfect neck layering accessories.

Safe Mask and Safer Mask Chains

Nothing can be more relevant to present this pandemic than masks. Our masks can be a superb choice as we have made them slightly different with a touch of stylishness to them. We have introduced them in a variety of shapes - Aero, Delta, Essential, and Pleated, to fit the faces perfectly. These masks are ideal to wear at parties, events and special occasions. Gifting just a mask might feel quite simple to you, but do not worry! We have got you covered with mask chains. They can be the best accessory to enhance a mask. You can style these chains as a necklace, which will give a fashionable look to any lady’s outfit. Gift this combination of fashion accessories and be ready to get appreciated by this Secret Santa. 

Hair Bands

We offer cute headbands, available in vibrant hues and attractive prints. All are crafted in premium quality fabrics to provide the utmost comfortability. It can be a perfect gift if you get a girl who is a bit lazy and likes to be cosy every time. Hair Bands can be a great gift as women are opting to dress more casually due to the work-from-home situation. Opting to give this hair accessory will not be a wrong decision for sure! 


We hope these 4 Secret Santa Gifts for under INR 500 will not be short on options. With the alternatives available for Christmas 2021, make your pick entertaining and unique. Choose your gift and gear up for this gifting season.  

So what are you waiting for? Christmas 

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