A little glimpse of Paradise with Jai Vakeel Foundation

A little glimpse of Paradise with Jai Vakeel Foundation - Mesmerize India

We at Mesmerize have joined hands with a 77-year-old NGO, Jai Vakeel Foundation, to spread awareness around 3rd December, International Day of Disabled Persons. This foundation specializes in taking care of and aiding students with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD). 

We collaborated with the students of Jai Vakeel to launch a new collection of printed fashion accessories that were digitized from the art pieces by the students. We at Mesmerize have pledged to donate 10% of our revenue generated by the products in the collaboration to the Jai Vakeel Foundation. 

We decided to work with the student on three different art forms - Alcohol Ink, Tie & Dye and Galactic art. We are launching a wide range of fashion accessories like scrunchies, hair bands, eye-masks, make-up pouches, and scarfs as a part of this collaboration in these varied fun prints.  


This form of fluid art is unique and fun to work on. The children used varied colours to develop eclectic art pieces of vibrant hues. This digital print is available in accessories like regular scrunchies, skinny scrunchies, make-up pouches, and eye-masks. Buy a product of this exclusive print and be ready to grab all the attention!

Galactic Print

This bedazzling print of the cosmos is our favourite. This art form involved everything from blank canvases and paint, to sponges and toothbrushes. The cosmos artwork experience was quite wholesome for the students. This galactic print will surely give you a relaxing vibe with its unique print. Available in products like hairbands, make-up pouches, eye-masks and regular scrunchies, this print is sure to steal your heart. 

Tie and Dye

The processes of tying and dying were a little tedious, but the children were very excited to try something they have not tried before. They were very intrigued by the tying methods and were excited about the outcomes for the same. Dyed in two colours- purple and pink, this print beautifully enhances the look of all the fashion accessories. The print is available in scrunchie scarves, square scarves, and make-up pouches. Perfect for an addition to a women's everyday wardrobe.

All these art pieces are created from scratch by children with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD). 


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