Virgo Necklace Earring Set (22 Aug - 22 Sep)

Virgo Necklace Earring Set (22 Aug - 22 Sep)

Sale price₹699.00
6 Months Warranty
Perfect for everyday wear
High Quality Plating
Easy Exchange and Return

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Key Points:

  • With its hypoallergenic and waterproof features, this combo is durable and suitable for daily wear, making it an ideal accessory for someone who values practicality and longevity.
  • Representing the qualities of Virgo, the necklace and earrings symbolize the sign's attention to detail, organizational skills, and strong work ethic.
  • A Virgo is known for their love of order, and the sleek and polished stainless steel design of the jewelry reflects this. The symbol, which is embossed on the necklace and earrings, represents the Virgo's desire for stability and security.
  • The combo of stainless steel necklace and earrings featuring the Virgo symbol is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who was born under this sign.
  • Packaged in a beautiful box, this combo makes for a thoughtful and considerate gift for someone born under the Virgo sign. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, or just to show appreciation, this jewelry combo is sure to make a lasting impression.
    Sale price₹699.00
    • 6 months warranty
    • Available on all Men’s SS products
    • Available on all Women’s personalised/ laser-etched SS products/ Mangalsutra and Selective Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and Earrings
    • Warranty will include Anti-fade, Anti-Rust, Closure mechanism
    • Warranty will not include scratches, or dents due to daily use
    • Customers will be responsible for shipping the product back to us or we can help them get it picked up at Rs.99.

    High-quality Stainless Steel

    Quality Promise

    Hypoallergenic, Nickel-free, tarnish-resistant & waterproof


    Comes in a branded sturdy White and Blue Kappa box, ships in a waterproof recyclable tamper-proof bag.

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