Spiritual Rudraksh Natural Stone Pyrite Om Bracelet with Magsnap

Spiritual Rudraksh Natural Stone Pyrite Om Bracelet with Magsnap

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100% certified orignial stones used View all
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Sale price₹999.00
100% certified real natural stones used


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    100% Natural Stones

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    Each bracelet is hand made with best quality of natural stones.


    Comes in a branded sturdy Black Kappa box, ships in a waterproof recyclable tamper-proof bag.

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    About Spiritual Rudraksh Natural Stone Pyrite Om Bracelet with Magsnap

    Power of Panchmukhi Rudraksha Bracelet Spiritual Collection

    The essence of spirituality and elegance of Mesmerize’s exclusive range of handcrafted accessories is unique. Our collection features the remarkable Pancmukhi Rudraksha Bracelet, a masterpiece that fuses divine connection with contemporary fashion. This unique bracelet is designed not only as a stylish adornment but as a vessel of profound spiritual and healing properties.

    Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Each Handmade Spiritual Bracelet in our collection showcases certified natural stones intricately woven around a reinforced nylon core. Our signature Magnetic Closure Rudraksha Bracelet provides a secure and comfortable fit, making it perfect for everyday wear and meditation practices.

    Spiritual Significance of Rudraksha, Om, and Pyrite:

    • Rudraksha: The Pancmukhi Rudraksha is revered for its ability to reduce stress and enhance meditation, offering tranquility and spiritual growth.
    • Om Stone: Representing the sacred sound of the universe, the Om stone symbolizes universal peace and spirituality, aiding in personal enlightenment and harmony.
    • Pyrite: Known as a stone of wealth, pyrite attracts abundance and prosperity, making it a powerful addition to this spiritually potent ensemble.

    Durability and Comfort: Our Durable Rudraksha Bracelet features the innovative MagSnap closure, which eliminates hair tugging and discomfort, making it an ideal choice for men. The protective film on the MagSnap increases sweat resistance, ensuring the bracelet’s longevity and pristine appearance.

    Stylish and Versatile: The Natural Stone Om Bracelet and Unique Rudraksha Om Jewelry are designed to complement both casual and formal attire, making them perfect for various occasions. Whether you’re seeking a piece for personal use or a thoughtful gift, our Stylish Rudraksha Pyrite Jewelry offers a chic solution.

    Healing and Protection: Each bracelet serves as a Protective Spiritual Bracelet, harnessing the natural energies of the stones to offer healing and protection. The Men's Rudraksha Healing Bracelet and Spiritual Healing Stone Bracelet are tailored to foster wellbeing, making them more than just accessories.

    Thoughtful Gifting: Packaged in exquisite boxes, our bracelets, including the Rudraksha Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp and Rudraksha and Pyrite Men’s Bracelet, make ideal gifts. They resonate with those who value spiritual growth and stylish craftsmanship, suitable for any occasion from anniversaries to milestones.

    Discover the full potential of our Natural Stone Bracelets for Men, meticulously crafted to bring harmony, style, and spirituality to your life. The Mesmerize Spiritual Collection is your gateway to accessorizing with intention, making every piece a meaningful addition to your ensemble.