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Cold Brew Ombre Mini Moon BagCold Brew Ombre Mini Moon Bag
Cold Brew Ombre Mini Moon Bag Sale price₹649.00 Regular price₹1,299.00
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Crescent Black Moon BagCrescent Black Moon Bag
Crescent Black Moon Bag Sale price₹799.00 Regular price₹1,599.00
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Mint Ombre Mini Moon BagMint Ombre Mini Moon Bag
Mint Ombre Mini Moon Bag Sale price₹649.00 Regular price₹1,299.00
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Melon Ombre Mini Moon BagMelon Ombre Mini Moon Bag
Melon Ombre Mini Moon Bag Sale price₹649.00 Regular price₹1,299.00
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Crescent Pink Moon BagCrescent Pink Moon Bag
Crescent Pink Moon Bag Sale price₹799.00 Regular price₹1,599.00

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Handbags & Shoulder Bags

Shop handbags and shoulder bags with Mesmerize onlineThis collection of bags has a wide range of utility-based and trendy essentials for every women’s wardrobe. These trendy handbags are important for women as they can store daily necessities like keys, face masks, phones, and make-up kits. To keep these everyday items, we bring to you a collection of the best handbags for women online. Available in different shapes and sizes like baguette bags, mobile sling bags, and backpacks, these handbags for ladies are ideal to amp up any outfit. Baguette Bags: Featuring an impressive collection of trendy baguettes like moon bags, cloud bags, ruched bags, they are must-have handbags for women. Invest in our online baguette purses as a great fit for carrying many stashes like money, keys, phones, and more go-to items with ease. These trendy baguette bags are also simple to use, and we have a wide selection of them at Mesmerize at the best prices.Crossbody Sling Bags: Featuring a variety of small cross body bags like mobile sling bags, rectangle sling bags and mini crossbody bags for ladies to carry compact stashes. These online small crossbody bags includes useful features: ultra-lightweight can keep your phone, cable, cash, cards, and other small fashion accessories. These sling bags have adjustable shoulder straps, a zipper pocket, and a stylish look for parties. The smaller pocket is perfect for money or small items that you might need in a hurry.Bucket bags: A perfect big size handbag with stylish drawstring closure to store vast items like i-pad, make-up kits, books and more. These bucket bags for women are ideal for airport styling and office use due to their spacious compartments. Cute and functional, these designer women's bags make a pro-fashionista statement while keeping all essentials together throughout the day.