Pride-Themed Accessories That You Would Definitely Want To Add in Your Wishlist

June —the month of pride has brought a wave of change for people all over the globe as they stand together supporting equality, visibility, and inclusion. Whether you identify as LGBTQ or are an ally, you can celebrate love even this year. The conversation does not have to stop and lending support for equal representation is crucial. Here are few accessories that are inspired by the rainbow flag that can be paired effortlessly in your everyday wear – 


Perfect for all hair types, these hairbands offer a secure but gentle, headache-free hold.

Face Mask

The satin mask with a pleated design expands downwards to naturally align with your face and jaw movements. This simple design provides a very light and airy feel while wearing it.


  • Regular - Whether you want to wear it as a top knot, ponytail, braid, messy bun or bracelet (which is the case most of the times!) this is the best hair accessory for you!

  • Secret Pocket - It features a concealed zipper that provides a small space, enough to store your money, hair clips, or mask chain. Once you store the items, you can wear it on your hand, to keep your items hand-y. (Sorry, not sorry)

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