How to style skinny scarves 101

How to style skinny scarves 101 - Mesmerize India

A scarf is not a typical monsoon/ humid weather accessory, but the skinny version in breathable soft fabrics are a major game-changer. It can be worn with a vintage tee or basic white shirt, adding a cool element to casuals as well as semi-formal styles. Here are few style-savvy ideas for an instantly chic look - 

Side Neck Tie

You can wrap it around your neck, tie in a knot on the side and secure it with pins or leave it flowy. Street fashionistas brought it back in vogue in the last few seasons. 


Taking inspiration from the ’60s the headband style is a classic. You can start from classic plain tonal colours, or printed and bright hues.  

Hair Tie

If you are trying skinny scarves for the first time, you can style them by wrapping them around your low ponytail or a bun. Pro tip: you can slip the accessory through a black elastic hair tie, go ahead tying your pony securing the scarf at the centre back and tie a bow at the top with the scarf. 

Scarf Braid 

There are multiple ways to style a skinny scarf into a braid. The easiest way is to simply pull your hair back into a ponytail, tie one end and use it as one-third of your braid. You can also weave the accessory through a French or fishtail braid.


You can wrap the skinny scarf around your wrist twice and tie it into a bow. This can amp up your accessory game and help you ditch jewellery for once. 

Bag Accessory 

The skinny scarf can be a perfect add on accessory to a bag handle when tied up in a bow. This is a smart way of styling the scarf and keeping it handy when you are not using it as a neck/ headscarf.   

It’s simple, has a high impact and is affordable. The slinky silk design looks hot and sophisticated. We bet you will become a huge fan of ultra-skinny scarves once you get your hands on them. 

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