Who needs a tiara when you can just put a bow to it.

Hair bow ties at Mesmerizeindia.com

Discover the history of these high imact, low-maintanence accents

What if we told you that the hair bows does a little more than just be a fashion hair accessories? How you can quite literally put a bow to everything.

The news is that hair bow once served as a way to communicate secret love language. A fashion object that has communicated class, gender, resistance and nationalitty among other structures. Girl’s would wear hair bows to reveal their love life. A bow on the top of her would mean she is single, a bow on the back would mean she is not interested. Bow worn on the right side is indicating the girl is deeply in love and the left side is to show that she is going steady. It’s like a Facebook relationship status update, but worn on the head.

Hair bow at MesmerizeIndia.com

As the story goes, the Marquise de Fontange, one of Louis XIV’s mistresses and a woman whose position was somewhat parallel to that of today’s online influencers, is said to have lost her hat when she was riding a horse. At the time, it was considered immodest for a woman to be seen with loose hair. So Fontange tied her hair up using a ribbon she pulled off her dress. The king was very taken by the  makeshift coiffure, and it quickly became a trend throughout France.

Hair bow ties at MesmerizeIndia.com

Also, looks like Peter Kavinsky might have not started the whole “wearing your girl’s scrunchie thing”. Men of 17th century used hair bows to show romantic attachments.

Bows are literally big!! And unlike a designer headband or nameplate barrettes, this accessory will only set you back a few bucks. Even better, they require almost no effort. Just slip one around your ponytail, or use to tie off your french braid. The messier and more imperfect it is, the cooler it will look. Let this hair accessory add a little polish and whimsy to your silky smooth hair and do all that it does EXTRA!

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