stainless steel jewellery, a fad or a sustainable trend?

stainless steel jewellery, a fad or a sustainable trend?

Here’s how you’ve been ‘Clueless’ about these Stainless Steel jewellery benefits for so long

Everyone is hopping on the trend wagon of switching to stainless steel jewellery. And why not? Stainless steel is an extremely versatile metal with a lot going for it. If you’ve come across a jaunty pattern or a talisman, chances are you’ll find it in stainless steel. But is stainless steel jewellery all it’s cracked up to be?

Clueless Cher

We found reasons for you to switch too!

  • Lasting bling ✨ - Chromium is the hero component in stainless steel that prevents rust and corrosion. No oxidation, no tarnishing, and no worries. It will not lose its lustre quickly. Will keep you shining boundlessly!
  • Un-flawed - Stainless steel is an alloy that blends various other metals, making it durable. You can trust your stainless steel jewellery to withstand your normal and heavy-duty tasks without bending it out of shape. You won't have to run extra miles to keep it intact.
  • Variety spice - Why have one aesthetic? One metal does not have to take over the jewellery box. Add some spice to your collection with these rarities like Hailey Beiber
  • Comfort gogo - Stainless steel jewelry is lightweight and comfy. The superpower is you can pull off basics to fancy pieces easy-peasy like our Superwoman Lily does
  • Appealing finish - Carved to appear delicate and precious. Crafted into shiny, dainty bits of jewelry. Stainless steel jewellery comes in various coatings that can blend with each other well
  • Affordable rarities - Light on your pocket. It's time you release some pressure from your pocket and switch to stainless steel jewellery. Buy whatever captures your heart and keep switching!
  • Environment friendly - It is also safe for the environment because of less waste generation and its recycling properties.

Don’t forget, that the real luxury is in being able to tell the stories behind each piece you are wearing. It’s about having pieces in your life that remind you of something, a memory. It’s about curating memories. No bling, no intrigue. No intrigue, no magic.

It’s a good idea to separate the jewellery once in a while. At Mesmerize, you have the option of rings, necklaces and bracelets in rose gold, gold and silver finish. 

Catch the good vibes and Start exploring! 💃🏻

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