Stylish And Comfortable Scrunchies For Everyday Wear

Stylish And Comfortable Scrunchies For Everyday Wear - Mesmerize India

Scrunchies have gone places where no hair tie has gone before, including fashion runways to music videos, TV shows, and even your style inspo Instagram feed.

While the scrunchie was a big trend in the late 1980s and early 1990s, worn by everyone from Madonna to Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Kate, and Ashley Olsen along with the adorable Michelle on Full House, this vintage hair accessory has made a huge comeback in recent years. 

We offer a wide range of printed and solid colour scrunchies crafted in quality fabrics like crepe knit, checkered gingham, knitted, satin, organza, and even suede. These fabrics are suitable for all hair types. We have four scrunchie formats - Regular, Secret Pocket, Skinny & Oversized.

Crepe Knit Scrunchies

Our knit scrunchies are gentle to the touch and made of a premium quality crepe knit. These knit scrunchies have an extra-soft, smooth feel and a wrinkle-resistant, stretchy appearance. Ideal for all-day wear, these cute scrunchies will add a color pop to your scrunchie collection.

Regular Crepe Knit Scrunchie (White, Grey)

Gingham Scrunchies

Available in aesthetic colors, these gingham scrunchies provide a minimal look for your daily wear. Crafted in a soft cotton lycra fabric this hair accessory will keep your bun comfortable for a longer duration.

Regular Gingham Scrunchie (Blue, Pink, Green) - Mesmerize India

Knitted Scrunchies

Made with textured knitted fabric these scrunchies are perfect to keep your hair tied up all day. Whether it be a top-knot, ponytail, braid, or messy bun, these scrunchies tend to give a retro look to all your hairstyles.

Skinny Knitted Scrunchie (Green, Black) - Mesmerize India

Satin Scrunchies

Our satin scrunchies are known to help curly and oily hair stay frizz-free. These scrunchies are perfect for your wet hair as they won't absorb the moisture. As long as your hair isn't too tight, satin scrunchies can be worn securely while sleeping that prevents breakage.

Big size scrunchie in three different colour 

Suede Scrunchies

The nineties are back! Our suede scrunchie comes in an array of classic colors to help you spruce up your fall hairstyles! Because they are simple to control long hair, these hair ties are making a comeback. It's a fantastic present for any woman as they are a daily fashion accessory.

Regular Suede Scrunchie (Pink, Grey, Green)

Organza Scrunchies

These oversized hair scrunchies are made up of organza fabric for a perfect casual style. They are designed to go with any outfit and work with any hairstyle. Available in aesthetic floral prints, these shimmery scrunchies are ideal for your vacation collection. Gives a very dreamy look to any hairstyle.

Oversized Organza Scrunchie (Yellow, Flower)


The best part of our scrunchie collection is that we have scrunchie for all. May it be, thin hair or thick hair, someone who wants to dress up their hairstyles, or someone who would like to experiment with prints, we have it all. From Oversized to regular to skinny all hair types are covered. 

We also have our special zipper scrunchie that comes with a concealed secret pocket to help you stash your tiny essentials. May it be changed for your daily travel or your house keys, it will always be on your wrists as a perfect fashion accessory. It's only natural, as they're worn everywhere from the office to Zoom calls, the gym, and the supermarket.

Our hair scrunchies have got you everything to keep your hair comfortable, whether, for casual outings, parties, or daily wear, these are a perfect addition to your scrunchie collection!

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