In Collaboration With Jai Vakeel Foundation

In Collaboration With Jai Vakeel Foundation - Mesmerize India

Jai Vakeel Foundation was founded/started in 1944 by parents who wanted to create a safe place for their daughter Dina, who had Down Syndrome, to thrive and be happy. A journey that started with a single child that went on to encompass lakhs of others and today is the largest and oldest non-profit in the space.

Mesmerize has been in the online space for over a year serving 85,000 customers pan India. The two brands have come together to spread awareness about Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) and promote the inclusion of these children and adults. Within the disabilities space, IDD seems to be the most invisible despite 2% of the Indian population, with over 26 million having IDD.

Jai Vakeel Foundation (JVF) strives for the inclusion of the Intellectually disabled by maximizing their potential. They aim to integrate the students into mainstream society by providing them with holistic services like healthcare, education, and skill development.

Inspired by their efforts, we at Mesmerize have decided to launch an exclusive collection of products to help create awareness about IDD and the importance of motivating individual citizens to act to create a better tomorrow for us all. Joining forces with Jai Vakeel Foundation to serve such a cause that has been close to Mesmerize’s heart is something that we are grateful to do so.

We arranged art workshops for the children at Jai Vakeel Foundation, in which they created fun art pieces. The idea behind these workshops was to develop digital prints from the artwork done by the kids. With their creativity and dedication towards art, the results have been remarkable.
They have many unique skills that are suppressed and remain latent due to the prejudice against them and are considered less deserving of opportunities for education & employment. By being treated equally and able to access quality interventions that are unique to each individual's needs, they can find their best life today & beyond.

Our visits to the foundation made us want to be a catalyst of change, to take a step towards the inclusion of individuals with IDD. We met the most cheerful and happy children, who moved us by their stories of endurance, courage & hope. We wanted to do something that would focus on their abilities and showcase them as people first with huge potential, not just their disabilities. We have launched products with prints that have been created from scratch by the kids.

We at Mesmerize are honored to make products based on the artwork done by these wonderful kids. We are grateful to use these prints on our trendy fashion accessories, widely used by the youth. We hope that this gesture will bring attention to the abilities of these children and foster conversations that will make a difference.

We have decided to take a positive step towards breaking social norms and the preconceived notions about this segment of society. The idea is to use our voices to start a dialogue about inclusion, increase our impact and influence in our spheres leading to real change.

Let us use this brand collaboration to amplify a positive message, inspire others and start a movement on this World Disability Day.

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