Pop-Ups & Local Shopping Events

Get a chance to experience our newest products in person & meet team Mesmerize!


Upcoming Popups

Green Co-op, Jio World Drive, BKC, Mumbai


Upcoming Popups

Green Co-op, Jio World Drive, BKC, Mumbai

Past Highlights

Exclusive Pop-Ups and Local Shopping Events - Mesmerize

Discover Mesmerize at Mumbai's Most Exciting Shopping Destinations

Join us in the bustling city of Mumbai for an exclusive shopping experience as Mesmerize unveils its latest collections at renowned local shopping events and pop-up stores. Whether you're a local or just visiting, our pop ups at prominent venues like Green Co-orp, Jio World Drive offer a unique opportunity to explore high-quality, trendy fashion accessories directly from our vibrant stalls.

What's in Store for You

Exclusive Access to New Arrivals: Be the first to explore and purchase our newest collections, including premium stainless steel jewelry, natural stone accessories, and more. Each piece reflects the spirit of both contemporary style and traditional craftsmanship.

Meet the Team: Get a chance to meet the minds behind our collections. Our talented team will be on-site to share their inspirations and discuss the latest trends in fashion accessories.

Why Visit Mesmerize's Pop-Ups?

Unique Shopping Experience: Escape the typical retail environment and immerse yourself in a marketplace brimming with creativity and style. Our pop-up events offer not just shopping, but an experience that celebrates the joy of discovery.

Special Offers: Take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts only available at our pop-up events. It's the perfect opportunity to expand your accessory collection while enjoying special savings.

Connect with a Community of Fashion Enthusiasts: Join a lively community of fashion lovers, trendsetters, and style seekers. Our pop ups are a great place to connect with like-minded individuals and share your passion for fashion.

We invite you to experience the magic of Mumbai's local markets and the exclusive charm of Mesmerize pop-ups.