Sincerely made with love in India

Sincerely made with love in India - Mesmerize India

Republic Day commemorates the hard-earned freedom of our country and the date when the constitution of India was implemented. The day is of great significance for every Indian and calls for a reason to celebrate. India is all prepared to celebrate its 73rd republic day this year, on this special occasion, we have got you an exclusive blog on our made-in products. One of our important business strategies is to encourage Indian talent at a higher level. To to do so, we follow basic steps like vocal for local and make in India.

Vocal For Local

We completely support and appreciate the ‘vocal for local’ campaign initiated by our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi to benefit Indian brands. Following the path of this campaign, we have set up an in-house team of production with super-talented tailors and karigars to manufacture products that are truly made in India. This strategy helps us to promote their art and weaving talent at a global level. In another way, we also have a team of local ladies who complete the semi-finished goods into the final products and finish the packaging. This initiative also helps us to promote women's empowerment with a motto to establish potential among Indian ladies and make them independent. Most raw materials like fabrics, threads, and other necessities are imported from local vendors and retailers which creates a national level business for them. This gesture directly or indirectly helps to generate revenue inside the nation.

Make in India

Make in India is not only a slogan of Narendra Modi but an appeal with a commitment. We at our side respect this campaign by manufacturing all our products in-house. To support this campaign, we are honored to add a “made with love in India” tag in each product to promote it all over the world proudly. We are dedicated to increasing our production and providing premium quality products, built with perfection.

Summing Up 

Initiated as a family business, Mesmerize is a homegrown brand that is owned by its parent company named Nandini group. This makes Mesmerize a truly Indian brand with its roots based deep in India. We are blessed to represent the immense local talent at a macro level by our service. From ideation to production to dispatch, all the operations at Mesmerize are based in India, made in India, and made for India. 

In other terms, team Mesmerize is led by the young guns of the nation to make the future of India brighter. We are dedicated to nurturing the young generation of our nation and developing the utmost potential and opportunities for them ahead. 

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