How to keep yourself protected against sun damage 365 days a year

How to keep yourself protected against sun damage 365 days a year

A detailed guide on physical and topical skin & hair protection against UVA and UVB damage

Sun damage is the phenomenon of damage caused to the skin and hair by exposure to UVA and UVB. Sun damage can cause various visible effects on the skin, eyes and hair. Sun damage ranges from Sunburns, which can be treated on a topical level, to Photoaging, with quite permanent skin damage to even skin cancer.  It is a rising matter of concern as, in recent years, the cases of skin cancer have been increasing. Prolonged exposure to the sun can alter the DNA which is irreversible, meaning even though the symptoms can be treated by medication and topical treatments, the main problem is still persistent and can surface again. 
Both UVA and UVB cause severe damage in different ways. While UVB is more intense and related to skin cancer, UVA penetrates deeper into the skin and causes other skin problems. Since there’s a misconception about staying protected from the sun only during summer, we thought of putting a whole guide on staying safe from sun damage. Here’s what you need and why!

Cover it up and cover it nice

Probably the best way to keep sun damage at bay is covering up when stepping out. Physical means of protection include scarfs, sunglasses, sleeves and gloves. Be it the scorching heat of Delhi’s summers, the cloudy skies of Mumbai’s monsoons or the freezing fog of Shimla’s winters, when stepping out cover yourself up with scarfs. Scarves come in various sizes, prints and materials to choose from. While long scarfs can cover the entire head and face, smaller scarfs can be used for styling and coving specific parts of your face and head. A square scarf can be easily used for a bandana to tie the hair and secure it in place. It can also be used for coving the mouth and nose. 

Sunglasses are essential for protecting the eyes against sun damage and pollutants. Choosing the right kind of lens is the key to finding the right type of sunglasses for yourself. We recommend sunglasses with polarized lenses. In addition, if you wish to keep your eyes and skin safe from blue light damage caused by exposure to screens of electronic devices, go for lens with blue light blocking filters. 

Detachable sleeves or gloves are another essential part of your outfit, especially if your top has short sleeves or it’s sleeveless. Mesmerize has a collection of detachable sleeves in different materials and styles. From basic to glammed up, whatever look you have in mind, we have something matching for you! To add more value to the money spent, we have a few options in solid colour reversible material sleeves which add a nice contrast to your basic or all glam outfits. You can also add gloves made in PU leather or satin finish to add a nice contrast to your outfits. 

Debunking myths about sunscreens - slather it up, layer it on!

There’s so much misguiding when it comes to sunscreens and which one to choose according to your skin type. The first and most important thing is SPF 30 and above. While wearing sunscreen is better than not wearing any, it's best to choose a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 with broad-spectrum UV protection. No matter what your skin tone or skin type is, an SPF 30 and above is a must. A few recommendations for dry skin type would be - the new Foxtale coverup SPF 50 PA ++++ and Episoft AC Moisturiser SPF 30 with microencapsulated sunscreen. Both these sunscreens are moisturising and don’t settle in dry patches on the skin. For oily skin type, Reequil Ultra matte dry-touch sunscreen gel SPF 50 PA ++++ and L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Matte & Fresh Long UVA SPF 50 Pa++++ are great as they’re matte finish sunscreens. 
Apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before stepping outside in the sun and keep reapplying it, once every two hours, throughout the day. Similarly, your hair too needs protection from the sun and so does your body. For hair, a heat protectant spray or SPF hair serum would work well. For the body, choose a lotion with SPF 30 and above. 

Hope this article cleared some doubts regarding sun damage and how to protect against the harmful UV rays. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below! 

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