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Exclamation Points  - Mesmerize India

“I always thought accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” 

And who are we to argue with Michael Kors. 

Accessories truly are the finishing touches to any outfit. A crisp white shirt under a pinstripe grey blazer but need a little colour pop? A sheer floral top with white culottes, but something feels missing? Or sometimes you just want to wear the same earrings for a straight week? Mesmerize Accessories is the answer to all. 

The way we choose to dress ourselves is an outlet for expression; we let our personalities shine through our fabrics, our colours, and our accessories. We have created a collection of jewellery pieces ranging from earrings to necklaces in a variety of designs and materials to help you find the piece that lets you shine through. Pick the subtle Gold Spiral earrings or Ruby Teardrops for a minimalist look - a perfect addition to an embellished top or a Striped camisole dress. For a night out, Silver Hoops go well with a sparkly camisole or Silver squares add enough sparkle all on their own. 

We also experiment with different materials. Our pearls are versatile companions - with blazers, the Pearl petal earrings are a touch of femininity; with a solid top, these Statement Pearls are bold and command attention. Metals allow for intricate designs and gemstones to become an effortless addition to your everyday clothing. The Black stone earrings round off your look with elegance and work well in the workplace, fancy affairs, and just about anywhere. 

A unique design, a vivid colour, a bold statement - the perfect accessory can be the exclamation point to your self-expression. And for those times when you want to shout out your feelings from the rooftops, layering accessories is the way to go. 

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