A Beginner's Guide On How To Style Hair Accessories

A Beginner's Guide On How To Style Hair Accessories

There is a renewed energy in the air as we enter the sunny days. It is invigorating in many ways, including its influence on our fashion and beauty choices. And, regardless of what's going on outside, there's one category that always feels like it needs to be updated: hair accessories.

Now that you have gone through your closet and made the appropriate tanks and shorts for summer, it is time to do the same with the hair accessories that will help bring those looks to life. From scrunchies to headbands for a daintier take on a classic '90s trend, these are the items that fashion girls can not get enough of. Continue reading to see the new hair accessories you all want to add to your collection in 2022.

Oversized Organza Scrunchie

Oversize scrunchies have been trending for a while, but it's the cloud-like organza ones that are taking centre stage right now. We love the ultra-sheer ones that are all transparent, but shinier varieties that are a tad more opaque are also topping the list of must-haves next year. We at our end offer various light and shimmery organza scrunchies in impressive colours and floral prints that give perfect summery vibes. These fluffy one’s with their comfort and lightweight makes a beach essential for summer vacation!

Tips and suggestions 

There are countless ways to style organza scrunchies like half up half down, low messy bun, bubble ponytail, oversized ponytail and more. If a low messy bun is what you prefer most of the time, take it to a different level with these printed organza scrunchies. Scrunchies are very fashionable; to balance things out, match a printed one with a simple outfit and vice versa. Add contrasting hued scrunchies to your bun if you're feeling adventurous to get a crazy look!

Headbands- An evergreen trend!

Busy, active days and super rushed mornings. How to make a fashion statement when in hurry? Just roll this gingham headband in a bun or leave it loose and wear a quirky headband of your choice – these are super cute ways to style your hair while keeping the locks off your face. The look is chic, versatile and complements types of denim and monotone clothing. Moreover, the turban headband adds volume to flat hair and is the answer to greasy hair woes.

Our headbands add a pop of colour and sparkle that instantly perk up your wardrobe and mood. They are ideal for brunches, cocktails, weddings and vacations – whenever your feel to upgrade your look!

Tips and suggestions

For this look, you can go with face-framing braids. Simply braid a small section of hair on either side of your face and allow it to fall naturally. To add volume to your unbraided hair, use a mason brush to pull out the edges.

Tuck in the ends of your unbraided hair to form a bun, the volume of which has been increased by brushing it with a mason brush. After that, put on a twist knot headband and let your braids hang loosely over the headpiece.

Satin Scarves

Satin scarves, a true retro fashion adorned by famous celebs like Audrey Hepburn, just a name is enough! Started ages ago, but still, this fashion provides a statement and classic look to any outfit. From the 60’s up till now, this headwrap trend has come a long way and is a must-try for your summer holidays this year.

Tips and Instructions

Scarves and head wraps are as simple to wear as place, wrap, and tie. Scarves are fashionable on their own and also useful for keeping your hairstyle in place as you travel to your event—just don't tie them too tightly. Scarves and head wraps can be worn with any length of hair and are also useful for concealing long hairstyles (by tucking the length underneath).

Scrunchie scarves

Keeping the best one for the last, these scrunchie scarves can be the most unique thing to try out for your beach days this summer. They are multi-purpose and can be styled in multiple cool ways like a low ponytail, scrunchie braid, low messy bun and more…! 

Tips and suggestions

You can pair it with almost anything from your wardrobe, be it loungewear or street style wear. A low ponytail is a great go-to hairstyle if you want to go for something sleek, off-the-face, and sophisticated. This is a great look if you want to add some depth to a simple look by using your hair scarf scrunchie.

We hope this guide to styling hair accessories helped to get you summer-ready and enhance your beachwear perfectly. Wishing you a fun and great summer this year!

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