5 Trendy Handbags For your Casual Outings

5 Trendy Handbags For your Casual Outings

Aside from high heels and party attire, one of the more overlooked items in our closets this year has been the stylish handbag. With fewer opportunities to dress up with on-trend accessories and, of course, fewer places to go, you've most likely carried your most practical bag when you needed one. 

We offer 4 different styles of handbags-Baguette bags, Cloud bags, Ruched Bags and Sling bags for you, which will complete your collection surely.


Baguette Bags

The baguette bag is one of the few trends that has stood the test of time. The '90s baguette bag is more than just a fashion accessory; it's become a cultural icon, with celebrities and fashion models wearing it. Our baguette bags are handmade of premium quality vegan PU leather, which is splash-proof and dust-proof. They are available in various attractive colours like black, navy, pink, olive green and many more. These elegant bags are sure to complete your handbags collection. 

Baguette Bags Pro

Baguette bags pro are more spacious, specially made to store all your daily essentials. These bags have a detachable strap with gold hardware that can help them be styled as a hand purse. Made with premium vegan croc leather, these baguettes serve a luxe appeal when worn. These classic baguette bags inspired by a classic retro trend makes a way to any lady's wardrobe!

Cloud Bags

These trendy bags embellished by 'it girls' around the globe are the perfect go-to bags for your wardrobe. Our Cloud bags are small yet cute with an oversized gold chain strap that will enhance your casual outfit. Available in eye-catching glossy colours like pink, black and red, they are bound to steal anyone's attention.

This version of handbags is an aesthetic holder for your lipgloss, keys, phone and other items. It has a puffy silhouette along with a curved shape bottom panelling and exclusive scrunchie-like strap which adds a chic look to it. These bags are available in two classic colours, metallic champagne and black tend to serve a simple and clean look.

Sling Bags

If you're going to buy sling bags online, take a look at our list of the best sling bags before you buy. They are hard-bodied compact bags, good to store all your essentials. It features a detachable shoulder strap to also style it as a mini handbag. Available in numerous evergreen colours, these will suit any outfit you wear. Our sling bags consist of every element to make a perfect gift for any woman.

It's time to move on from the classics this year. Consider purchasing bags from us as they are in a variety of colours, made from quality materials, and embellished with eye-catching details such as gold strap chains. Adding a new handbag to your wardrobe is one of the simplest ways to update it. So what are you waiting for, visit our online store now and get yourself one!


*All bags are handmade in India


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