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The Striped Edit - Mesmerize India

The versatility of stripes and checks makes it a must-have in any wardrobe. A playful romper with colourful stripes is perfect for a beach day. Pair a classic striped shirt with your favourite work pants and it creates a timeless yet fashionable outfit. There is not a simpler choice than teaming a gingham dress with cute pumps. Our newest collection, The Stripe Edit is a curation of pieces that explore this expansive world of stripes and checks. 

Stripes and checks are a force to be reckoned with and have rightfully inspired us to do an entire collection. They have been traditionally considered only for male attire, however, this has long been changed. Women fashion does not shy away from using stripes and checks abundantly, in everything from androgynous blazers to dainty frocks such as our Striped Camisole dress. They can be unapologetically bold in their broad vertical bands in a jumpsuit or an Olive striped top. They can be wonderfully subtle as thin lines are carefully etched into the fabric of a pinstriped suit. They make a striking statement either way. 

While maintaining their title of being a quintessential theme in clothing, stripes and checks are also the quickest path to creating an irreverent look. Diagonally stripes in a sweater or our Striped navy dress stand out wherever you go. Pairing stripes with stripes is an easy way to mix things up, which can be further emphasized by using stripes of different widths. The introduction of checkered patterns in varying palettes and textures has taken a unique interpretation on classic clothing. 

Our passion for stripes and checks shows no sign of slowing down and with The Stripe Edit, we hope that neither does yours! 

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