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Work attires are all too often imagined with drab colours and uninspired shapes that only underscore the banality of routine. We disagree. We spend most of our week at work and there is no reason why we should be stuck in shades of black, white, blues, and greys. Especially because workplaces can be hubs of activity, passion, and progress.

Our collection Power Dressing brings you professional clothing options that break the monotony of office wear. Catering to a wide variety of palettes and workplaces, the collection boasts of bright hues, bold prints, and strong silhouettes without departing from the earthy tones, floral prints, and sophisticated structures of traditional workwear. 

Our focus is to give you options that will easily pair with pieces that are already their in your closet. Pair one of our Abstract Printed tops under a solid blazer and you have an effortlessly powerful outfit with a pop of difference. Wear our Black Striped top under a pencil skirt and your formal loafers and you are ready for any presentation, boardroom meeting, or client lunch that comes your way. 

Marilyn Monroe said give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. Well, we think women continuously break the glass ceiling in everything from stilettos to kitten heels to loafers. And we just want to be a part of your story by giving you the clothes that show off the fierce, strong woman that you are. 

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