For the Mesmerizers

Facing the eternal question of what to wear? Want your personality to shine through your sartorial choices? Need a day outfit to seamlessly transition into a night outfit?

We have your back. 

Our designs cater to your everyday needs, reducing the hassle of daily dressing with chic, selected pieces. Throw on a delicate, light blouse in fresh shades of dusty rose, mustard, or rust and team it effortlessly with your staple denim. Spruce up the grind and entertain your Bohemian side as we experiment with convention and creativity, using traditional embroideries in geometric motifs and distinctive palettes in Blooming Threads

Let us simplify your daily routine as you get ready to mesmerize the world. 

Supplementing our everyday pieces, we offer a range of smart, sophisticated outfits for the working woman. Find the perfect monochrome dress for a nudge of confidence before an important presentation or wear one of our pleated, tailored shirts to break up the corporate monotony from our collection Power Dressing. We recognize that our customers are fierce and fun. The Stripe Edit offers exactly what you need. Sharp stripes and distinct geometric prints, with a focus on structured tailoring, that are ideal for everything from a Sunday brunch to a networking session. Furthermore, explore your darker side in our See you at 8 collection, replete with shades of burgundy, midnight blue, and olive green. Slip on one of our cocktail dresses and let their elegant silhouettes make a formidable statement for you. 

Let us be your partner in the hustle as you get ready to mesmerize the world.

Our collection is an ode to the women who shine in everything they do. 

So, here’s to the the Mesmerizers of the world. 

Here’s to you. 

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